Returns and refunds


Home Corp strives to ensure that you are completely happy with the products and services you purchased. Should you not be completely satisfied with our products or services, please adhere to the refunds and exchanges policy.


We do not accept refunds and exchanges for software packages. On other products, services, promotions or any other circumstances where the refunds and exchanges policy does not apply, this shall be explicitly stated.

If you return any item that does not comply with the returns policy, you may be liable to reimburse HOME CORP the cost of collecting and returning the item to you.

Please note all refunds will be in a format decided upon by HOME CORP. No refund will be processed until the payment is reflected in HOME CORP’s bank account. This may take up to seven (7) days in some instances.

Please note that HOME CORP will only collect goods for refund or exchange if you have made use of our delivery services. The delivery of goods for exchanges or refunds is the responsibility of the customer if you collected the goods from us initially. HOME CORP will levy a charge if we are required to collect the goods from you if the goods were collected from the branch initially.